August 27, 2012

Trampoline Assembly for Dummies

Kids: "How long will it take?"

Husband: "It says it takes three really fit people to put it together."

Kids: "I'm hot" 

Me: "Let me know when you need some help." 

Kids: "Can I have a popsicle?"

Husband: "You just supervise, honey."

Me: "I'm only siting down so I could be out of your way"

Kids: "Can I have another Popsicle?" 

Me: "I gotta write this down, it would be a funny blog post."

Husband: "I could use your help."

Kids: "Are you actually writing this down for the blog?"

Husband: "That's all she does now is blog."

Me: "Did you read the instructions?" 
Kids: "Did you read the instructions?"
Husband: "I should have written the instructions."
The supplied tool on the left broke trying to pull  springs
Our tool on right, worked much better
  • Kids: "I think Daddy cussed." 
  • Me: "Maybe you need a break honey."
  • Husband: "Hey, I'm in charge of this!" 
  • Kids: "Are you taking a break Daddy?"
  • Husband: "Just get working."
  • 720 Minutes Later
Kids"Mommy's getting mad now. Mommy, maybe you need a popsicle?" 

Husband: " the final frontier." 

Kids "That wasn't too hard." 

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