October 7, 2013

Parenting is risky business

One of the biggest risk factors is driving your child to school..... in your pajamas.

Even riskier.... driving them in your pajamas when the car line is about to close.  Then you do what I believe the school calls the "Mommy Walk of Shame."

Thankfully, it has only happened to me once....okay, maybe twice....well, no more than three times.  The most memorable Mommy Walk of Shame outfit I had on included slippers, my husband's oversized camo fleece, and baggy plaid pants.  I know, you are thinking my husband is one lucky man.

I am no mathematician, but I found myself doing some math on a recent car line visit (while I was in yet again, my pajamas, and watching the clock tick). Approximately eight vehicles should be able to pull forward and drop off in about a thirty seconds to a minute.  
My calculations were way off as I watched the car line turn into an I-85 traffic jam. 
As I was thirty seconds away from total humiliation, and I pondered that I could be leaving the house earlier.

But instead I came up with a some hints for the parents making car line last way too long.

Goodbye should begin at home.  It may be something like this, "Here's a hug before we leave. I love you and have a wonderful day!  Now sweetie, let's get going. We have 30 minutes before carline ends" OR  "HURRY, HURRY! Get your breakfast, get your shoes and get your backpack and get in the car!" Nonetheless, all this letting go should begin prior to the car door opening. 

As you pull up to the school, pretend the shuttle is about to take off. 
Give your child a heads up that they will have to be ready to exit the vehicle in 5 minutes... 4 minutes... 3 minutes... 2 minutes.... 1 minute.

Siblings should not hang out the top of the car in carline.
This one I threw in for a friend,
this happens frequently at their school.  
Your child should already have their shoes on before you stop to have them exit your vehicle.  And in hand, their backpack, lunch box and any projects.

Parents should not exit the vehicle when dropping off.  The adults that we entrust our children with all day, can assist the kids getting out of the car.
And last but not least, don't EVER wear your pajamas to drive your kids to school.

Unless you want to humiliate your children on purpose, and that will be a whole other blog post!