May 1, 2013

Leaving of a legacy

When I first heard my 90 year old Grandma
had fallen ill and was terminal,
my first thought
(other than the gut wrenching sobbing and snot slinging)
was, the end..... of an era. 

 My mind said that she lived a wonderful and full 90 years,
but my heart was so very sad.
After travelling to NY to see her for the last time,
I no longer feel it is the end of an era.
 As God calls her home to be with my Grandpa
whom she loved dearly,
I now feel like it is the beginning of her legacy.

She is at home and most definitely
surrounded by love and family,
and it is how they are loving her that represents her legacy.

Loved ones praying for her,
gently holding her hand,
sleeping by her bedside or on the couch near her,
listening to the monitor in case she makes a sound,
giving medicine as needed,
calling from all over the world to let her know they love her
and hear her voice,
bringing flowers to her,
thanking her for everything she has done and 
all the prayers she has prayed,
 kissing her forehead,
even arguing about what will make her most comfortable. 
Even in those moments of disagreement,
it is a example of how much she is loved.

 Not just one, but two priests came to pray with her at the house,
bring her communion and / or read her last rites.
If you include the priest from the hospital,
we think she had her last rites read three times, 
 she is in the Lord's hands.
 She is a witness for her love of the Lord
by the way she  clings to her rosaries saying prayers. 
This is all the mark of a woman who loved her children deeply,
all thirteen of them, 
and showed her family the power of love and prayer. 
A woman who taught those around her
to look at the world
 through rose colored glasses,
literally and figuratively.

She will be missed terribly,
as Grandpa is to this day,
however she will still live on in each person
that was lucky enough to know and love her.  

It is not just her legacy, but their legacy.
 And as she is being called home and takes this journey,
I pray for her to be at peace.
"Angels are everywhere,
one has only to be still to hear the rustle of a wing."


  1. Kate, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I know how much you love her, and how hard it is to say goodbye. I love you, girl. Praying for you<3

    1. Thank you Tricia! I am just seeing comments, still a newbie :0

  2. Hello Katie! Glad I found you!

  3. What a wonderful tribute for your grandmother. What a great tribute to the Hughes family - a wonderful 'clan'! I have fond memories of your grandma - I remember her singing Irish songs long into the wee hours of the morning at Sarah's wedding. (I'm Sarah's Aunt)

  4. AnonymousMay 13, 2013

    Loved what you wrote about mom Katie.....loved seeing you and getting to spend time talking and getting to know you. Thank you for sending the quotes from her some of them are so funny! Love you! ♥ Terri

    1. Thanks, say hi to the boys! Love to all from GA