November 9, 2016

An open letter to my daughters ~ Why I threw my vote away

We are blessed to live in America and have the right to vote, but I was saddened that neither the Democratic or Republican candidates represented my views in the 2016 election.  

So, I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.  And, I didn’t vote for Hilary Clinton.  You pointed out that I had to vote for someone and set a good example, and I did. I “threw my vote away” yesterday and for the first time, and voted for the Libertarian party.    

I couldn’t vote for Trump.  I felt he had shady his business dealings across the board, and avoided taxes in doing so.  He would encourage hate and behaved in a narcissistic manner. And, as a woman and mother, I couldn’t look you in the eye supporting him.  The words he has used about women are unforgivable.  He reminds me of a boss I had when I was a waitress, who would flirt with the waitresses and say what he wanted about our figures etc.… I was too young at the time to realize how inappropriate and actually illegal it was, and thinking back it makes me feel dirty.

Thankfully, you have the example of your father, grandfathers and uncles, to know that real men do not talk or treat women like that.

I couldn’t vote for Clinton.  While I admire her public service to our country, education and intelligence, I feel like she was riding the coattails of a long political legacy that wasn’t honest either; something didn’t seem right. It was going to be more of the same.  It wasn't just the emails. I didn't care for how the Clinton Foundation took large amounts of money from high ranking people and countries.  And, you saw in the news about her husband, please know that not all men cheat of their wives.

I also want you to know that although I didn’t vote for her, a woman is more than capable of being President. 

So the results are in, and now Donald Trump is the President.  As promised when we attended the prayer service at The Vine Church the night before the election, I will pray for our new President Donald Trump, Vice President Pence and their team.

  • I pray that they make sound and unselfish decisions for our country. 
  • I pray that they will prove people wrong who felt Trump was too reactive and unfit to be President.
  • I pray that they represent what in theory people voted for, a change in the establishment and fair representation of the people.   
  • I pray that they value and support our teachers.  
  • I pray that they will help the inner cities as promised.
  • I pray they will help the towns where industry and jobs are gone.
  • I pray that he will support our veterans, many who have PTSD. 
  • I pray that he will revamp the health care system so it is truly affordable.
  • I pray that they support and respect our police and first responders.
  • I pray that they set a good example, which is void of racism, ignorance, hate and sexism.
  • I pray that they educate themselves on Planned Parenthood and all its services; for I am thankful it caught a precancerous condition I had when I was younger. 
  • I pray that they will be reasonable about gun control, are massive fire machine guns are necessary when my children are afraid they will be killed at school?
  •  I also pray that they respect life. (I am not just talking about abortion, but it was a huge topic on social media with this election.  As a Christian, I did feel pressure to vote Republican solely because of that. But I don’t feel banning abortion is going to make us value life. Murder is illegal.  Yet, an average of 40 people get murdered daily. Child abuse is also illegal. The news story about the baby that died of starvation in their car seat while its parents were playing video games has not left me.  We jail the mentally ill and addicted, walk by people starving and turn a blind eye to abuse.  So, as Americans, do we really value human life? The values our country needs go beyond abortion.)
  •  I pray that they make our tax system fair, and revamp the existing system that allowed Trump to evade unknown amounts of taxes in the first place.
  •  I pray for a practical, decent and fair approach to the illegal immigrants, while remembering we are a nation built on immigrants!  
  •  I pray for kindness and education when dealing with refugees based on the belief of a Pastor in Atlanta.
  • I pray that since the political system has been shaken, something positive comes out of it. That we have less lobbyists and more representatives. That we have term limits. That we would no longer spend billions on lobbying and elections.
  • I pray that they put a lock on the nuclear button, and government is afraid of nuclear war, and will not speak or act flippantly with regard to nuclear arms.  
  • I pray that we will raise a nation of honest people who want to get involved in public service. 
  • I pray that they are good stewards of the earth, and educate people of taking care of it. It is the only one we have. 
So girls, so even though I didn’t vote for the President, my promise to you is that I will pray for the President and our country.  It is going to be okay. 

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people-for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.”   1 Timothy 2:12

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