February 6, 2017

Dammit Dolls Day Out

It all started when these two crazies picked me up in a store, one saying,  
"We should get your friend Rhonda with breast cancer a dammit doll. 
My mom had one when she had cancer"

What is a dammit doll you ask?  

It was my lucky day, the crazies happened to be in Hawaii.   

Except I forgot my bikini.

(these are not beads, its a lei, they give them out everywhere)


what happens in Hawaii...

does stay in Hawaii.  

Don't judge. It was the only shady spot.  

Then this happened.
I tried to feed the birds a cracker, fell and no one picked me back up.
Have you see the movie "The Birds"? THANK YOU.
Some new friends I have!

I feel better now.

After a wonderful nights sleep and a quick
stop in the store, I head to the North Shore. 

HELLO sunrise. 

Thank goodness for coffee. 

I guess this is where they make you ride when they are
afraid you will blow away in a convertible.

A stop for breakfast...

at Turtle Bay Resort isn't too shabby.    


Shhh, I snuck in the outdoor spa area.

Enough of the fancy life.
It's good to mix it up and explore some local fun. 

Like shopping by Giovonni's Shrimp truck.

Just didn't quite fit.

And now the beach. North Shore!
Surfers... anywhere? 

Why Pro Surfer Miguel Blanco,
don't mind if I do!

A day like that will wear a girl out.  

Another beautiful morning, last day. 

And another friend. 

Although Bubbles the duck was a little  shy. 
One last look at the beach. 

Last minute shopping at the airport. 

Headed home to meet my Rhonda. 
Won't be long!

Dedicated to Rho with prayer's for a speedy recovery

If you have a Rhonda send them a Dammit Doll, 
or if you just want to share a laugh, forward this post! 

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