April 1, 2016

16 Truths for for a Happy Marriage

Do read the book “The 5 love languages” early in your marriage.
Don’t accept jewelry with “You should return this, it cost too much” because your love language isn’t gifts.

Do take your long hair out of your husband’s hairbrush if you use it.
Don’t share a hairbrush.  

Do tell your husband he is really, really tall.
Don’t decide to challenge his height by measuring how tall he really is.

Do make homemade meals for your husband.
Don’t get offended when your husband says your homemade pasta ravioli tastes like Olive Garden.

Do shower your husband with lots of attention.  
Don’t ignore your husband for a year after you have your first child.  

Do leave detailed instructions for your husband when he cares for the children as if he is a babysitter.  
Don’t offend your husband by saying it is like he is “babysitting” his own children.   

Do get a mommy’s helper occasionally if you are home with little children all day.
Don’t threaten to lock your husband out of the house if he is home five minutes late from work. 

Do act like you have missed your husband all day when he returns from work.
Don’t talk to the dog before you talk to your husband.

Do answer your phone when your wife is trying to reach you.
Don’t act like you are going to run over your husband when you finally get a hold of him. (especially in front of his business associate)

Do talk openly with each other.
Don’t tell your spouse, “Wow, it is hard for me to talk to you with that big zit on your forehead”

Do find the name of the closest drycleaner.
Don’t promise to iron if you don’t know how to iron.  

Do apologize to spouse when you are wrong.   
Don’t tell your spouse you have an “Unable to Apologize Disorder.”  

Do refrain from keeping secrets.  
Don’t tell your husband about late public library fees.

Do tell your spouse how smart they are.
Don’t feel the need to look up something on the internet to prove them wrong.

Do enjoy a sense of humor with your spouse.
Don’t enjoy a sense of humor at your spouse’s expense “all the time”

Do let your spouse know you can’t imagine your life without them.
Don’t follow that up with, ‘I can’t imagine life without our [newest dog]”.

Seriously, eat a family meal whenever you are together at dinnertime as a family.


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