April 23, 2012

Is your Faith in a box?

We have been blessed with new neighbors!
They are busy unpacking boxes as you can see 

 And in my usual style, I got to thinking..
did you unpack your Faith after your last move? 

Or is your Faith taped up in a box, sealed tight and placed on a shelf at the top of your closet so 

...or do you wear it out on RARE occasions, like a fancy dress or suit?

Or do you only wear it when you NEED it, like a snow jacket? 

Or is it under your clothes like SPANX, no one else knows you are wearing them, but you no longer have unsightly bumps, it just smooths everything out and you LOOK & FEEL BETTER.  It's not like you are wearing a sign that says, "Hey I have Spanx on," but YOU KNOW IT and you just feel good. 
(I guess for you guys out there, this would be the equivalent of the drawers with holes in them you still have from college, we know you have them and love to wear them.) 

Or do you wear your FAITH on your FEET? The actual shoes you are wearing, they go everywhere with you, PROTECTING you EVERY MOMENT. 
And people can SEE them too. They might say, "Hey, I really like your shoes, where did you get them?" 

Or is is like the over-sized bag high on your shoulder and you keep HITTING people with it and they get annoyed.  And then furthermore, you have to comment on the size of everyone else's bag or lack thereof too. 

Well, I have to run and do some unpacking myself...and go warn the neighbors they need to be careful what they put out in their trash, 
I might take a picture for my blog.


April 9, 2012

Are you "Root Bound"?

Recently I pulled these plants out of the ground because as you can see, they weren't exactly thriving. They are "root bound", meaning their roots are all intertwined, tangled, and suffering without water... really slowly dying.

I got to thinking
How many of us are "Root Bound"?

How many of us out there are tangled up in our lives so we can't thrive and grow, bound by unneccesary people or things, even suffering in our day to day life?

As we celebrated Easter Sunday, and I taught the lesson in the kids Sunday School class
(mis-pronouncing Pontius Pilate "Pilates", in my usual style)

It hit me like a ton of bricks ~ isn't that why we celebrate Easter,
because Jesus died on the cross for our sins and so we don't have to be "root bound" anymore?

So Believe

Unburden yourself
Set yourself free