May 1, 2012

Have more Senior Moments

We were blessed this past weekend when my in-laws brought up my husband's grandparents ~ Granddaddy is 88 and Grammy is 87, and they had not traveled far from home in years.
Grammy doesn't look a day over 83 my youngest says 
Prior to their arrival, I was praying the lilies would open. We have plenty of other people come to our house, but I knew if the lilies opened for them they would take them in like a breath of fresh air.

They opened while they were here...

And as we were about to take Grammy on a drive through the mountains, she said, "I am going to put my glasses on so I don't miss one branch blowing in the wind."
And we enjoyed all the scenery,
including these beautiful wild flowers.
And when it rained, she saw the plants bigger the next day, "because there was nothing like God's rain on the plants to help them grow."

And an early Mother's Day Brunch at the Country Club turned into an afternoon on it's back porch in rockers ~  watching the kids play, laughing at the chipmunks running around, and listening to the birds chirp.

Well, Grammy walks real slow and deliberately, saying , "she walks like she is one hundred." She claims she does this because she fell a couple of years ago and broke her arm and she wants to be careful.  

I am on to her though, I think she walks like she is one hundred because then you have time to enjoy every moment and the beauty in the world....So I encourage you to walk (or ride) like you are one hundred and I can assure you will see the world in a different light.  

The only thing that could have made the weekend better is if my Grandma in New York were here too, but her scooter doesn't travel that far....
Happy Mother's Day Grandma!