August 24, 2015

Why you should really bring tissues to a Nascar Race

I attended my first Nascar race this past weekend.  My friend googled some helpful tips for newbies, among the suggested items:

bring tissues in case the bathrooms run out of toilet paper
Well, I am sure glad we had tissues.  
I left for the trip anticipating the “People of Walmart” combined with a football tailgate, and that is pretty accurate. But, it is also SO much more.   

It is an event where fans-

...never meet a stranger.  Our campground neighbor left their outdoor TV  on for our group to watch the Friday night qualifier race we didn’t attend.

...can let it all hang out.  

...repeat, let it all hang out.

...get 5-star service with cooler check-in.  Take that college football. other fans they are in fact a “professional Nascar” regular attendee by sporting the  well-stocked, clear backpack. 

(clearly an amateur fan)
...Pray with over 100,000 of your best friends for the safety of the drivers, before you go purchase your 20-ounce beer.  

...get an arm workout as you wave at your driver as they pass in front of you, 500 times.  

500 times!

...see stadium parachuters, a jet flyover, fireworks and a car burnout in the same evening.  

Okay, this was really cool to watch in person.

Although some of these moments were either touching or made me laugh till I was about to cry, that is not why I needed tissues.   It was these 2 babies that were stowaways in our friends rented RV bus that were found Friday at 4 AM.  

They only saw a tail at first and thought it was a rat, but then they started desperately meowing.
They were alive, but had endured  over 12 hours in a drawer underneath the bus.   


The Nascar fans jumped into action.   

A friend who had an infant let us feed the kittens her pumped milk.

Another neighbor gave us their dog’s food in case we could soften it for them to eat.  Another got us a tall box we could leave them in while we attended the race on Saturday night (in the A/C of course). 

And all came over to wish them well in their make shift pack n play.

At maybe 4 weeks old, it really is a miracle they were alive.  Luckily, between the milk and soft food we purchased at the local store, we were able to not only keep them alive, but see them flourish and act like fun little kittens.

We later found out that there were more kittens the RV owners removed from the RV, but they couldn’t get to these two.   I can’t comment on that with my own words and keep this post clean, so I found a bible verse:

A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, but even the compassion of the wicked is cruel. Proverbs 12:10

 These babies have a great life ahead of them and quite a story to tell.  They were taken home by our friends who had rented the RV they were found in (they said we should take them, but as the owner of 2 dogs, about to add a 3rd rescue, I thought, "we are good")
I was totally caught off guard when I said goodbye to these sweet babies I cared for and loved on for two days, I bawled like a little baby.   
I followed the kittens into the RV bus as they were leaving and thought about becoming a stowaway myself. 

Well, they say to bring tissues to a Nascar race and I am glad I did.

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