November 13, 2011

In Great Company

Yesterday was a super day! I had two book signings in Decatur-the first at Cokesbury Book Store and the second at The Little Shop of Stories. I always enjoy sharing Haven's Heaven with people and coloring with kids, they are really inspirational.

I got lots of contacts who are excited about the upcoming coloring book.
The Coloring Book in the works
in my second office, the dining room
But best of all, I got to meet almost a dozen self-published authors, who all have great books, and know that I am not alone....... We are all proud of our work, excited to share it with people, and getting the word out... one book at a time.

Some wonderful drawings these girls did for their Nana!

Well except for Donna Whitten, who sold several hundred copies of her book, "Pocket full of questions" right away! I enjoyed sitting next to her at Little Shop of Stories in Decatur and sharing some laughs!

I am so thankful for all the great marketing ideas I received from everyone!


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