January 3, 2012

Think before you speak

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the 2011 Savannah Children's Book Festival. There was an awesome reception the night before where I and the other "Coastal Authors" a.k.a. mostly self-published,  were in the same room wih the "Famous Authors", a.k.a. Publisher represented.

It was such a empowering feeling to be side by side and recognized with such talent, we even got to sign the wall in the library!

The event was a success with thousands in attendance and I even got to sell my book to a sweet little girl named Haven.

Well, to tell you a bit about myself, I have been told many times during conversations that I don't preface the topic I am speaking about...I just jump right in...leaving some slightly confused.  A few close friends have no problem following "Katie Talk" (my husband isn't always one of them!) 

So here I am at this wonderful event, and this man comes up and asks, "How did you come up with the name Haven for the book?"

I respond, "Well, when my daughter was born, it was her name for about two hours, then..."

He looked so sad, and said, "I'm so sorry.." I stood there confused and it took me a second, then I said, "Oh, no, what I was about to say was....then we changed her name. She is seven years old. It was only her name for two hours because my husband had another name in mind!"  

You and I may not have the same sense of humor, but I sure got a chuckle out of that conversation once we were all straight. 

And what I should have said was, "Haven is is my father-in-laws middle name and the perfect name for my first book." 

A Happy New Year to all as we embark on the adventure 2012 brings.....


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