March 8, 2012

It's a Small World after all!

Sometimes I just wanna SCREAM!

(and clearly should go to the dentist) when I see the big bad news about the economy, murder, war, these crazy people who are called parents (using the term loosely) who don't feed their children and lock them in cages, or these wacko pedifiles that I wish I could line up execution style 
(yea I said it) 

or when I just try to understand insurance policies and why you pay for them yet are advised that if you file a claim it could be held against your 'record'
Then why do we pay???
At those moments the WORLD SEEMS LIKE A HUGE, BIG
place, that quite frankly, I fear for my children's future in!   
Right when I feel like that, that's when of course God has a way of stepping in and I am reminded... that no, actually it is a small world, and there are kind people full of smiles and faith
I recently was getting majorly OCD about having some furniture for our back deck (one of the things my husband loves ~ and can't stand ~ about me is that when I put my mind to something, well, there ain't nothing else I think about!) Not afraid of a good deal, I happily looked on ATL Craigslist.

I ended up getting a deal on a wicker loveseat and two chairs from this lovely family, and low and behold they lived right outside my neighborhood. Our children go to the same doctor right across the street. We both had sick children that day (yes, I dragged my sick child to pick up furniture, don't judge if you don't know what being *obsessed* is) 
and talked about family and church.

After our little visit, the world appeared a little smaller.

And then Tuesday when I was having a blah day
(where I am driving around trying to remember where I am going...
thinking, what am I doing...oh going to VOTE) 
After going to the wrong voting place, I finally ended up in the right place and *randomly* saw a friend and got to visit for a minute.
It's amazing how a smiling face can lift the spirits.

Then I *randomly* saw another friend at a store AND got a text from a friend who was just thinking about me
(although she was eating sushi without me, I will bring that up with her later!!)

Okay, the world is getting even smaller and I feel 
grateful, thankful, safe, happy, and .....taken care of.....


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