September 11, 2012

Grief ~ It's Simple

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    Yes, this is a wood block.
    We are off to a good start. 

    PHYSICS 101     Work = Force x Distance. 
    The unit of force being Newtons. 

    (don't go thinking I am all of a sudden a genius, 
    they teach this stuff in 4th grade)

    So the Newton is the measure of energy it takes  to move an object.  

    Say you push or pull the block on the left, you are going to use a certain amount of energy or force or newtons. 

    Say you add wheels to the object, making it a SIMPLE MACHINE. Why golly, it takes less work...newtons.... & force!
    What on earth do you ask, does have to do with Grief??? 
    Earlier this year I attended my Uncle's  funeral. He was in the Marine Corp. There must have been twenty marines in uniform that were standing guard at his funeral. You could see the sadness on their faces, as they mourned with our family.  I hope their presence helped my Aunt that day with her grieving...each marine being like a wheel on the block, making her load easier to carry. 

    I saw it again when my best friend's parents were tragically killed in a car accident this year. People helped her and her family as they grieved. Whether it was a hugs, cards, meals, babysitting, prayers, each person was like a wheel on the block helping make their load lighter... 
  2. I saw this again when a friends mother passed away shortly after that. When I stopped over she mentioned how a stranger brought brownies and a neighbor mowed their lawn. Again, people were the wheels on the block to help pull them through.  

    Today, 9/11, eleven years after the tragedy
    it still sits heavy on every one's hearts today. 

    And it sits much heavier on the hearts of those who lost loves ones in those awful events or were helping with rescue efforts. 

    Hopefully those families feel a nation mourning with them 
    and it is helping pull them through today, like the wheels on the block. 

    Well, I am sure Grief is still sitting heavy on the hearts of my Aunt, my bestie and my friend and their families now and for sometime to come. Just as we haven't forgotten about 9/11, we mustn't forget about the other people so we can be the wheels to help pull them through.... it might be a little weird if you were to run over and mow their lawn at this point, but you can surely share a laugh or a smile. 


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